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Kaushik Bose, Podcast Host: Brain Box


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"Being 44 puts me squarely in that sandwich generation - not a Millennial but also not a Baby Boomer. It means I have a foot in both worlds and a wealth of experiences under my belt from earlier stages of my life and career."

- 14 years in B2B sales with 6 $1 Mn+ deals with IT behemoths handling India, Bangladesh & UAE.

- 4 years founding two B2C startups with 18 franchises

- 2 more leading startups in Deep-tech & EV space. 

I've been into cryptos from 2012, BI from 2007 & my podcast "Brain Box" was voted 9th pan-India by Spotify in 2022 (which leverages AI heavily). 


"The future is leveraging dark social to "Build your Brand" (including your personal one) & I've got over 1 Mn+ views on Quora, led marketing campaigns with 3 Mn+ views on FB & You Tube & been voted Top Voice on LinkedIn multiple times."


Having been an individual contributor, leading sales & tele-sales teams, building channel networks for IBM in East India & Bangladesh, successfully built an 18-franchise network of their own, strategizing an "executable GTM" is our core offering. 

We have consulted for 30+ SaaS startups to improve their RevOps that aligns sales, marketing & customer success into a unified revenue engine.


Dark Social, coined in 2012, is responsible for upto 95% of web traffic!
(Source: Hootsuite)


Traditional social media marketing is passé. It's now the rise of "Dark Social": podcasting, chat messaging, customer experience, influencer marketing, community building etc.  

In addition, we leverage Google SGE (SEO is virtually dead) to offer your organization an end-to-end marketing agency, so you are ready for tomorrow. 


Be it your company's brand or your personal one, we help you build it from scratch or elevate it to the next.


We dig into the purpose, understand the value and then help position you (or your brand) by creating high-quality content of a "thought leader". 

Having delivered product launches in front of global audiences, we would help you develop your public speaking abilities to effectively grow your network. 

Few of Our Productions: 

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